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Monitoring from your Smartphone, Tablet, Computer or iPod!  C-Your-Site is committed to providing you with the highest quality and latest in monitoring equipment available.  In the ever changing world of technology C-Your-Site’s dedicated professionals are always bringing you cutting edge solutions for your every monitoring need.  C-Your-Site is one of the only companies that offer you this kind of quality and service with NO HIDDEN COSTS - NO MONITORING FEES, NO SERVICE FEES and NO USAGE FEES.  Once you buy a C-Your-Site camera you own it and can take it anywhere you want.  You can have C-Your-Site cameras at home, in your office or even in another city and you’ll still be able to view them all from your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android phone, from anywhere in the world.

Easy to set up and easy to use.  First, establish a connection to the internet by plugging your C-Your-Site camera inGlobal Viewto your wired or wireless router.  Download the GlobalView app from your app store, open the app and click on the + (Add Camera Button).  Next, enter a name for your camera (like Nursery or Office), then enter the provided camera ID and Password and click “Done”.  Open the camera icon in the GlobalView app with the name you’ve chosen and “C-Your-Site”.  It’s just that easy.  (Additional setup steps are required for a local wireless connection to the camera and for use of advanced features.)  PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION AVAILABLE.  Find an installer near you at: info@C-Your-Site.com.

We also offer you FREE Shipping and a full year of Technical Support -FREE, so why not try one today.

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